​2012- I was vindicated of my criticism with the Rockledge Baseball Field because the Facilities department was investigated and they found over $3.1 million dollars was misspent giving no-bid contracts to friends and family.
​- I was critical of the school board for not having anyone held accountable for the misspending.  They allowed department heads to retire with full pensions when they should have been prosecuted.  I also caught Amy Kneessy lying on the Bill Mick show.  She told us that the school board filed a complaint with state attorney's office.  But the state attorney's office said that the school board never filed a complaint.  She also lied about Scott Ellis.  And she lied about the school board not paying the attorney over $600,000 in one year.  I have the financials to prove that we did.  Amy Kneessy is a good friend of Bill Mick and when I asked him why he allows her to lie not only to him but to his audience that is when Bill started to campaign against me calling me names and making fun of my short bus.  Since then he has never let me back on his show.

​But Bill Mick continues to have Amy "The Liar" Kneessy and Andy "The Thief" Ziegler on his show.  I believe he is part of the problem.

​2013- Amy Kneessy called 911 to remove me from school board forum when I spoke against Common Core which made the Blaze and other Internet news.
​- I also demanded answers from school board members why 18 year employee and whistle blower, Lewis Ruffalo, is fired for asking to meet with senior staff after allegations of teachers physical and sexual abuse at Heritage High.

2014- I am critical of the $8 million NO-BID contract and demand answers during my presentation at the school board meeting. 
​- Denise Coyle and I catch Andy Ziegler stealing political signs during the general election.  Andy lies to the Palm Bay Police saying he only had one in the trunk of his car but the police report six.  But no charges are filed.  Do you see the pattern of deceit?
- During the Eastern Florida College/ Florida Today debate I state that my concerns are the misspending and the pedophiles that lurk in our schools.  And the lack of accountability of those that are allowing to hire people with criminal records that are prohibited by law to work in our schools.

​2016 - On Facebook, I continue to ask the new school superintendent why Damian Wilson is moved to another school and continues to work with children after his incident of showing a picture of his erect penis.  He never responds.  So on May 23, 2016 I go to the school board to publicly put on record the question why a teacher who shows a picture of his erect penis to 15-16 year olds continues to work in our schools.  Well Andy Ziegler, doesn't like me talking about his friend and you know the rest of the story.

​But what is interesting is that the sheriff deputies should never have arrested me, and the state attorney, Phil Archer should have dropped the charges immediately and instead could have charged Andy Ziegler with disrupting a school board meeting.  But if you know that his wife Stephanie Archer works for the school board and has been promoted quite frequently in recent years you may understand why the charges are not being dropped against me. I believe it is politically motivated.  And if you have been listening to Bill Mick and Sheriff Wayne Ivey you will hear that Wayne Ivey lies about where his deputies came from.  They did not travel from the West side precinct as he wants us to believe they were there at the school board building all along on special duty and the officers were not giving me lawful orders.  Maybe he doesn't know what lawful orders are.

​The following school board meeting held on June 14, 2016.  I continue to ask about Damian Wilson but also ask about James Wilkins and why after what he has been accused and  punished for is he allowed to work with elementary students especially after the Ricky Sheppard case.  The attitude of the board is changed and they do not stop me from speaking.

​As you can see I have been fighting the good fight for accountability, please do your part and make sure you vote in August for me.  Only if I get on the board can I really be effective in holding our school leaders accountable.

You may not have heard of me before but I'm sure you have now.  My arrest made national news including CNN, Washington Post, Glenn Beck and other news and talk show media outlets including ALL the local news stations for being shut down by the Brevard School Board Chair for exposing the wrong-doings of our Brevard County School and its employee.

​I have become somewhat of a local celebrity now with all the coverage on TV, the Internet, and Florida Today.  It seems I cannot go into a local restaurant, store, or bank without someone introducing themselves to me and telling me that they are 100% behind me and that they hope I win.

It is nice that I am finally getting the exposure of the important issues that face our schools.  It has been a very long road for me but I do believe my persistence of not giving up and demanding accountability is finally paying off. 

​But let's not fool ourselves, it is not going to be easy.  My opponents are put in place and are well-funded to make sure I don't get elected.  Unfortunately a lot of my opponents' supporters (those who are not part of the corruption but are fooled) believe their candidate is unique, but as I have stated before, you can vote for any other candidate and the corruption agenda will stay the same.  They will not put up a fight against Common Core and they will not seek out the misspending and they will not go after the bad employees in our school system.

​How do I know?  Because we have seen in the past 20+ years the faces have changed on our school board but the agenda stays the same.  Money continues to be misspent, bad teachers keep their jobs, good teachers are overworked and underpaid and the senior staff continues to get hefty raises even though they allow millions to be funneled away from the classroom.

​AND the main reason I believe my opponents will do very little is because none of my opponents have been outspoken of these issues.  None of my opponents speak up at the school board meetings or share their criticism on the internet or newspapers.  So what do you think is going to happen when they are elected?

​And I believe each of them desperately need this job and are willing to do anything to get it and the special interest groups know this and have invested heavily in their campaigns.  I do not need this position but I would be happy to finally be able to clean up the schools from the inside out.  And the one thing you can count on is that I will not be bribed or bought and they know it.  That is why they are attacking my persona instead of focusing on issues. Unlike my previous opponents, I never lied or stolen signs to win a campaign.  I just keep telling the truth and it is finally paying off as I knew it would.

​I have been exposing the corruption since 2006 but why haven't you heard from any of my opponents especially when they have the connections and the fundraising they are capable of doing?

​2006- I exposed the fact that my principal was trying to bribe me with my teaching job to make me falsify official documents to hurt my students.   When given the unlawful order I chose to put job on the line and put my own family in a financial risk (my children were only 4 and 5 at the time) and I had no other prospects for a job but I still sacrificed my well-being for my students.   (I can send you the stated facts of the lawsuit I had with the school board, feel free to contact me)

​2008- I ran for school board and was quoted in Florida Today accusing the school board of spending our tax-dollars like drunken sailors.  I was critical and exposed the senior staff who were double and triple dipping.  Some making hundreds of thousands of dollars while teachers struggled.  But unlike drunken sailors they usually stop spending when the money runs out, in this case unfortunately, our school board continues to spend into debt and then it is up to us to have to bail them out with a new tax.

​2009- I exposed the fact that while the economy was failing and companies were tightening their belts the schools were still spending money haphazardly.  When local companies were cancelling Christmas parties, the senior staff of our schools were still booking party centers and having Christmas parties on the taxpayers' dime.

​2010- I exposed Andy Ziegler for buying the website address www.DeanPaterakis.com to cheat the people from getting information from me but instead it would link it to his website.  He said it wasn't dirty but most people I talked to felt it was underhanded.
- I also criticized Ziegler for voting for the overpriced contracts specifically the $3.8 million baseball field in Rockledge that could have been done for much less.
​- I criticized the board in giving a $202,000+ salary for the superintendent and criticized the board for giving senior staff salaries double or triple what a teacher makes when the governor makes only $132,000.
​- I asked why we were paying the previous head of security over $80,000 and having to pay for a whole security department when their job is redundant with local law enforcement.  Fingerprints should be done at local police stations where they already have the equipment and personnel just as other districts do.  I believe there was a reason and I believe it was to allow criminals to get jobs in our schools.  I have evidence that corroborates my theory.

​Visit this website to get a real understanding of the sick things that are happening in our schools.


Silencing the Person who Exposes Corruption