About Dean Paterakis

Dean was born in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  He served honorably in the USAF for 9 years (1989-1998) and was stationed at Lowry, AFB in Denver, Colorado and at Patrick AFB in AFTAC.

As Dean prepared to leave the USAF he met his wife, Cindy. Dean and Cindy have been happily married for 19 years. Cindy is an occupational therapist. She worked with children with disabilities in Brevard Schools for many years. She now she works part-time with senior citizens who are experiencing low-vision problems.

Dean’s son and daughter went to Sherwood Elementary. They both attended West Shore Junior/Senior High School. Dean’s daughter is 17 and has graduated and his son is 16 and will be going into 11th grade.

Parent, Teacher, Veteran

Dean’s children both did well in school. Dean’s daughter is an artist and his son is a musician. Just like when he was in the classroom, Dean believes hard work, discipline, and responsibility help shape our children into the leaders of tomorrow.

Dean, Cindy, and the children have stayed busy with volunteering and participating in several organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts.

Dean made a positive difference in his students’ lives. He was a highly effective teacher when he taught in Brevard his classroom FCAT scores were consistently in the top 1% for his grade level in the state of Florida. His hope is to make a greater positive difference in education by becoming the next school board member. His goal is to lead Brevard Schools to be the model for what education should be not only in the state of Florida, but for the nation.