Recommendations and Endorsements

Dean Paterakis has been a resident of Brevard County for decades.  In this time Dean has developed long lasting relationships within the community. With this support he hopes to work together with the rest of the school board to end the corruption and make our schools better for our children.

Dean is widely recognized for his integrity, honesty, and willingness to voice unpopular opinions.  He advocates on behalf of the community for what is right, not what is right for the politicians.

Parents, Students, and even Government Officials recognize Dean Paterakis for his tireless efforts to help our community and children’s future.

Bea Fowler – Former Brevard County School Board Member and Author

“I endorse Dean Paterakis for school board because he has integrity and will honestly represent the interests of the students and the taxpayers.”

Scott Ellis – Brevard County Clerk of Courts

“Dean Paterakis is a man of integrity whose independent thinking can be counted on to look at all sides of the various problems facing our schools.  Dean combines a passion for education with a skeptic’s eye on school finances.”

Denise Coyle– Child Advocate and former school board candidate (who actually beat Dean in primaries in 2014)

“I would like to announce that I am Supporting Dean Paterakis as District 5 School Board Candidate. There is no other candidate in my opinion capable of demanding transparency, fiscal responsibility and most importantly putting the best interest of our students first.

Dean has worked tirelessly in the efforts to expose BPS mishandling of many issues, including just a few :

• School Closures
• $8 million software scandal and loss
• Sign Gate exposing Andy Ziegler
• Exposing abuse to students
• Fighting for students’, teachers’ and parents’ rights.

Dean does not take money from special interest nor would he consider the endorsement from a failed and flawed Teacher Union. A Union that protects the worst teachers, while at the same time drives our best away.

There are a handful of people I trust in Brevard County when it comes to doing the right thing – Dean is on the Top of my list.

Some might suggest that Dean is a little “out there” So – tell me one time he lied? Tell me one time he said he would do something and didn’t follow through, or steal another Candidate signs and lie to police about it. Dean has spent more time at school meetings with parents and Students than Andy Ziegler ever has – and that’s a fact.

Let’s not forget it was Dean who went before the school board to expose a teacher who expose a picture of his erect penis on an overhead projector in a class full of Freshman – then ask those “not to tell” Andy Ziegler District 5 and School Board chair had Dean physically removed for using the language “erect penis” What happened to that teacher who exposed the pornographic image, he was transferred to another high school. What happened to Dean he was arrested for disrupting a school board meeting – using an anatomical term to describe the offense. That is the epitome of insanity.

Dean is a true family man – he has a very supportive wife and two very remarkable children. Although it’s a non-partisan race Dean is a conservative man with strong conservative values. I personally believe this is so important in todays unsteady, ever revolving culture that we are witnessing.

If you want accountability, transparency, and a direct line to a Board member that will not waiver, and a voice – then please Vote for Dean Paterakis! Don’t let the sheep fool you.

Our Children are our Future – they deserve the best – Dean Paterakis”

Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment

R. Sabawi – Former student at W. Melbourne School for Science

“Mr. Paterakis was my third grade teacher.  I’m in 8th grade now, but I still remember my third grade year as one of the happiest school years I’ve ever had.  That is mainly because of my teacher, Mr. Paterakis.  He was kind, loving, and he cared about each and every one of his students.  He made us all love the dreaded math and science with his fun teaching methods.  His teaching style, though relaxed, was committed to allowing every child to achieve their goals in learning to the best of their individual abilities.  I hope others will benefit from his exceptional education skills and continued involvement in the school system.”

Joy Peters – Parent of former student at W. Melbourne School for Science
“Dean Paterakis is a wonderful teacher.  He instills a love of learning in his students and makes learning fun and engaging.  I know he will bring this same passion and commitment to excellence to the school board.  He understands that the first priority of the school board should always be what is best for the students.  He will be a committed public servant and an excellent advocate for our children.”

Kimberly C. Smith – Parent of former student at Royal Palm Charter
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dean Paterakis for several years.  During the years of our acquaintance, I have known Mr. Paterakis in the capacity of teacher and educator for my daughter.  Mr. Paterakis has a true passion for teaching and bring out each child’s potential.

Dean Paterakis is intelligent, personable, and dedicated family man.  He demonstrates the passion and expertise needed to bring about change and improvement to the future education of our community and children.  I trust Mr. Paterakis to keep the best interest of the children at heart and Brevard County would be fortunate to have such an individual on the board.”

Tara Motlagh – Parent of former student at W. Melbourne School for Science

“Being a parent of a child that Mr. Paterakis has taught I feel that he is extremely suited for a position on the School Board.  He is a diligent worker and has a praiseworthy character.  His main interest is the children and I’m positive that he will do anything it takes to help their education.  I am proud to know Mr. Paterakis as a teacher and as a friend.”​