Why I am running for School Board

​We should be putting our children’s education and safety first, but unfortunately our school board is not doing that.

I have experienced first hand, as a teacher in Brevard, how we put federal and personal agendas before students’ best interests. Since leaving the teaching profession here in Brevard, I continue to observe our schools being manipulated to no longer serve the students and citizens of Brevard.  The agenda is to move our school decisions away from local citizen and parent control and give it to special interest groups at the national level.

Although this is a systemic issue throughout the United States, I feel if we had a strong local school board that did the will of the citizens instead of bending to the whims of well funded special interest groups we could make a difference at the local level and make our children’s education and safety our priorities.

Unfortunately each election cycle we continue to be fooled by this well oiled machine into electing the well funded candidates who trick us into believing they are there for our children and our interests, when in fact, they are not.​

My message and actions have always stayed the same from eight years ago when I ran for school board the first time.  I have exposed wrongdoings and spoken the truth and have been pleased with the response of many of the people that didn’t just take my word for it but have researched the issues on their own.

But I know the quote by Mark Twain holds true even today as it did over 100 years ago when he said it.  “It is easier to fool people than to convince people they have been fooled.”

 ​​Please watch my arrest and my interview with James Sparvero of Channel 6 Orlando by clicking HERE

​About a week after my arrest a Brevard Principal, Ricky Sheppard, is caught for grotesque child porn, Michelle Irwin of BPS wants us to believe that they were fooled, it is not about being fooled, at the very least it is incompetence of senior staff, at most it is protection of these pedophiles.

​Click HERE to view interview with Michelle Irwin, public relations director of BPS

​Why would they silence me a week earlier when I was exposing the wrong-doings of other teachers?  Besides Damian Wilson I know of at least another teacher which I exposed at the June 14th school board meeting.  This teacher should have been fired but because of the senior staff’s incompetence he continues to work but now with vulnerable elementary students.  Why is James Wilkins still teaching in Brevard Schools why does his contract continue to be renewed?  How come I know of these misbehaviors and they don’t?  And I no longer work in the schools!

​Incompetence or protecting pedophiles?  You decide.  You can view James Wilkins Administrative Hearing documents by clicking HERE

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